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ENT, Head & Neck Surgery Department

Dr. Shariful Islam Babu

MBBS, BCS( Health)


Consultant ( ENT)

250 Beded general Hospital , Tangail.

Consult with Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialists, also known as otolaryngologists, for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the ears, nose, throat, and related structures. ENT specialists have expertise in a wide range of conditions affecting these areas. Here are some common reasons why individuals might consult with an ENT specialist:

  1. Hearing Problems: ENT specialists can address hearing issues, including hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and balance disorders. They may also manage conditions like ear infections and wax impaction.

  2. Sinus and Nasal Disorders: Conditions such as chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and nasal congestion fall under the expertise of ENT specialists. They can provide medical and surgical interventions to manage these issues.

  3. Throat Disorders: ENT specialists diagnose and treat disorders of the throat, including sore throat, tonsillitis, and voice disorders. They may also address swallowing difficulties and conditions affecting the larynx (voice box).

  4. Allergies: Individuals with allergies that affect the ears, nose, and throat may seek the expertise of an ENT specialist for diagnosis and management.

  5. Sleep Apnea: ENT specialists are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea. They may recommend surgical interventions to address anatomical issues contributing to breathing problems during sleep.

  6. Head and Neck Tumors: ENT specialists are trained to manage tumors and cancers of the head and neck, including the mouth, throat, larynx, and thyroid.

  7. Facial Trauma: In cases of facial trauma that affect the structures of the head and neck, such as fractures or injuries to the facial bones, ENT specialists may be involved in assessment and treatment.

  8. Vertigo and Balance Disorders: ENT specialists can evaluate and manage disorders affecting balance, including vertigo and vestibular system disorders.

  9. Tonsil and Adenoid Issues: ENT specialists commonly address conditions related to the tonsils and adenoids, including recurrent infections and obstruction that may affect breathing and swallowing.

  10. Snoring: Individuals experiencing disruptive snoring or related issues may consult with an ENT specialist for evaluation and management, especially if the snoring is indicative of a more significant sleep-related breathing disorder.

It’s important to note that primary care physicians may refer patients to ENT specialists based on specific symptoms or suspected conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat. ENT specialists may also collaborate with other medical professionals, such as allergists, audiologists, and speech therapists, to provide comprehensive care. Regular check-ups with an ENT specialist can be beneficial for the prevention, early detection, and management of various ENT-related conditions.