Lab Zone Hospital & Hormone Center

Welcome To Labzone Hospital & Hormone Center, Diabetic Road, Sabalia, Tangail,Bangladesh. Call: 01714-789081,01714027316.

Md. Ead Ali Miah

Chairman, Lab Zone Hospital & Hormone Center.

Message Of President

Lab Zone Hospital & Hormone Center becomes one of the most advanced and modern hospitals in Bangladesh with all the characteristics of a world-class hospital with a wide range of services and specialists, equipment, technology, ambiance and high-quality service. Lab Zone Hospital & hormone Center is the landmark of a multitude of modern medical technology. Our skilled nurses, technologists, and administrators aided by state-of-the-art equipment, provides a congenial infrastructure for the medical professionals in providing healthcare in international standards.

To fulfill the demand of the qualitative & supportive service, we have introduced a modern setup of advanced high-tech machinery chronologically for complete diagnosis with reliability and standard accuracy.

We are committed to offering excellent healthcare service and that will be cost-effective for our patients. We also conduct continuous development and welfare for our staff in order to promote healthcare in Bangladesh. Listening to your whisper, we have inaugurated our 2nd  building so that we can serve more people with proper care.

We believe in a vision is “To be a renowned organization at the leading-edge medicine, providing quality healthcare to meet our nation’s aspirations”.

This is (Lab zone Hospital & Hormone Center) because you are very special to us.

Best Wishes

Md. Ead Ali Miah

Chairman, Lab Zone Hospital & Hormone Center.